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MultiPoint - Newton Release Notes, Fall 2014

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A more responsive Estimate screen

Several "behind the scenes" enhancements have been made the Estimate screen resulting in a faster, lag-free experience while your estimate is being created.

Changes to Estimate save

Part of the performance improvements required some changes to when the Estimate screen is saved. Now the Estimate is saved when you:

  • Close the Estimate screen
  • Print or email the Action Plan or KYV
  • Change a shop flag

Service Advisor phone number support

Your customer reports and email templates can now be setup to include each Service Advisors direct contact line automatically.  Service Advisors can update their contact information by going to Tools | User Preferences | Email.

Set a default labor rate

If you're a flat rate shop, you can now set a default labor rate to pre-populate on the Estimate.  Set your default labor rate by going to Tools | Admin Options | Shop.

Pop-up alerts available to all users

The Shop Flag Notifier widget has been updated to filter alerts by Service Advisor and inspecting Technician.  Now everyone can get the same pop-ups used by the Parts Counter.  Click here to download and install the widget.

See what's been approved

The Package Results section will now update to show any work approved on today's visit.

EDGE is now MultiPoint

The software and reports have been updated with the new MultiPoint name.

Default settings have been updated for new users

The updated defaults will make it easier to get new users up to full speed on the AutoPoint Platform.

Deferred is the new Declined

The term Declined has been changed to Deferred throughout the MultiPoint software and reports.

Automated labor matrix support

If you use a matrix for labor pricing, the total labor will now be filled out automatically based on the labor time recorded by your techs.

Reports are ready right from the start

If any new users are added to the system, toolbar buttons for the Action Plan and Know Your Vehicle reports will now appear automatically.

Menu pricing overrides technician-entered labor time

Menu pricing will now display even if a tech records their labor time.

DMS write back added to MultiPoint

The DMS write back beta widget has been rolled into the core MultiPoint product and will be supported and improved along with it. For more information on DMS write back, see the Knowledge Base article here.

A good number of fixes have been made as part of the Newton release, including the following:

  • Email will work even without a complete customer name
  • Technician changes to the RO List columns will save as expected
  • Observation – recommendation duplication issue has been fixed
  • Original Customer Requests will no longer appear as add-on lines
  • Crash when previewing KYV reports
  • Some recommendations not showing on the Customer Portal page
  • Estimate pricing sub-total inaccurate
  • Estimate auto-scrolling to the top of the category when changes are made
  • Pop-up notification not working for Original Customer Requests
  • Focus on estimate screen changes to the top when a change is made in the bottom section
  • GM Goodwrench graphical inspection fixed header checkboxes
  • MultiPoint graphical inspection fixed tire wear checkboxes
  • Unable to see Quick Specs in inspection package
  • Shop Flag list shows deleted shop flags until the client is restarted
  • Status icons are missing from the Estimate screen
  • Unable to save Estimate (infinite loop)
  • Unable to change Labor Hours
  • When expanding any widget, the report widget overlaps on top of it
  • Dealer set up doesn’t work for Customer Portal
  • 3D model pins are missing from the Inspection Widget
  • Only ad-hoc recommendations appear in the Recommendations Widget
  • Customer Portal creates a blank window that won’t go away until the browser is closed
  • Unable to move new Recs to the OCR when the RO is updated via AutoMate
  • “Change conflicts” error frequently occurs when saving changes in the Estimate screen and no other users are in the RO
  • RO Info preview screen not functioning properly
  • Clicking the Portal button freezes the client
  • Slowness when emailing reports
  • Shop Reports access
  • Advisor not getting credit for report use
  • DMS integration controller stops responding
  • Incomplete Estimate pop-up displaying even when disabled
  • ROs missing lines
  • Previously Declined Recommendations not showing up on the return visit
  • Stop using the Shop Timer for EDGE upload
  • Help | About is displaying the incorrect server version
  • Rollover shows wrong name on Shop Flags
  • RO List refresh having errors on many clients
  • DMS Web Services having slow performance
  • Decline Rest toolbar should be called Defer Rest
  • SmartTech not working for some users
  • SmartTech giving ASP.NET session has expired errors
  • Launcher page has text alignment issues

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