Release Notes

MultiPoint Release 3.19.19

Posted by Laurel Carnes Friday, July 08, 2016

MultiPoint Release 3.19.19

Features & Changes

  • Additional instrumented tools support for Hunter. A shop can now use any of the following inspection tools produced by Hunter and see the results in MultiPoint and OwnerCare.
    • Brake stopping check machine
    • Hand-held tire tread depth reader (as opposed to the drive over).
    • Battery tester
    • Diagnostic OBD-II code scanner
  • It is important to remember the following about launching new instrumented tools:
    • The shop needs to be using the latest version of the Hunter software. Have them check with their Hunter rep to determine their version.
    • The tools need to be mapped to an inspection task in the inspection package in use.
    • Before a tool can be mapped, one test result needs to be sent from Hunter using the normal procedure to populate the tool in the Instrumented Tool Type
      drop down list.
    • When a tool is mapped to an inspection task, any recommendation made under that task will include the inspection results in OwnerCare.
    • The inspection results have been modularized for the Action Plan and KYV page and will appear once the results are received.
    • The page has to be added to the Action Plan or KYV in the Customer Reports editor before it will be included in the report.
  • Packages upload in multi-shop environment. We changed the process of uploading packages to the Central Repository in a multi-shop environment so that you can only upload packages that belong to a shop when you are logged into that shop. For example, you can only upload a shop 2 package to the Central Repository when you are logged into shop 2.
  • Custom dealer logos for OwnerCare. Dealerships can now use their own logo in OwnerCare. The logo can be uploaded in the Admin area of OwnerCare and must be 90x30 pixels (WxH) and less than 1 meg.
  • Password added for OwnerCare Admin area.  Users will no longer be able to access the Admin area of OwnerCare from the OwnerCare Board without a password. 
    • The password defaults to their Salesforce account number.
  • Authorized users can change their own OwnerCare password. To change the password, a user that has the current password can go to ownercare.autopoint.com/admin or to the OwnerCare board and click the gear icon and Settings and log on. Key in your new password and click Save.
  • Added a label to the RO number int he Action Plan and KYV footer.
  • Updated the Ford form for CPO to use the current layout provided by Ford.
  • Hunter equipment can now be shared by multiple MPI shops. If one shop has equipment with two MultiPoint shops configured, both shops can share the same equipment. To activate this environment, contact TechOps and they can enter the shop ID in GMA of the shop with the equipment to tell the second shop where to look for it's results
  • Updated the vehicles data to include late model Jaguars.
  • Changed the log for OwnerCare to sort the recommendations on the response by approval status.
  • Changed the default look for unapproved/undeclined recommendations. If you are using the summary work flow for OwnerCare, recommendations on the Inspection Summary that have not been approved or declined will no longer display with text strikethrough. Now only declined recs will display with strikethrough text.
  • Updated the splash screen in MultiPoint to reflect the new branding.


  • Fixed an issue with shop flags in a multi-shop environment.
  • Reduced the size of the AutoPoint default logo on the OwnerCare email confirmation.
  • OwnerCare will now included additional recs added outside the inspection.
  • Made a change to OwnerCare to get more consistent results in a multi-shop environment
  • Changed Vendor Services (Hunter) to match Hunter results rather than interpreting the values.
  • Resolved an issue with editing packages for certain shops.
  • Made it so the OwnerCare button displays properly in MultiPoint when in the multi-shop environment.
  • Fixed an issue where tech photos from the Photos app were not showing up on OwnerCare.
  • Implemented a Notifier fix for inspections with zero recs.

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