Release Notes

MultiPoint Release MR-150511 (aka the 511 Release)

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Change to Photos image upload process. With the new Photos app, photos are uploaded to the AutoPoint Media Service in batch when you are finished taking pictures rather than after each Photos Iconindividual shot. To enjoy this feature, you will have to update the AutoPoint Photos App on your iOS device. You will receive a notification on the app icon when the update is available for you to download.

Change to terminology on motorist reports. The Action Plan and Know Your Vehicle motorist reports have been modified to use the term "deferred" rather than "declined" when referring to recommendations not performed at a prior visit.

Change to MultiPoint EULA. The End-user License Agreement (EULA) for MultiPoint has been modified to get the Edge out. The agreement now refers to MultiPoint as the application name rather than Edge.

Link Photos to Recommendations. Technically, this feature change was released to the Photos web site at the end of the Hermes roll out, but is being included here to remind everyone that it is Photos UInow available. There is a new option in the Photos dialogue box that let's you assign photos to specific recommendations. Once a photo has been assigned, it will be included with the recommendation as it is displayed in the Learn More section of OwnerCare.

  • When you are in MultiPoint and click the Photos button on the tool bar, it opens a dialogue box that shows all of the photos. Underneath each photos is a dropdown box that lets you select a recommendation to assign the photo to.
  • When photos are assigned to a recommendation, they appear in OwnerCare along with the articles and videos about each recommendation.

Additional Fixes.

  • Using the selected RO List filter as a template for a new filter now creates the new filter properly.
  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to create a user with a duplicate DMS number in a second company.
  • The repair order "age in days" now displays correctly on the Mobile Express mobile web page.
  • Resolved issue with hidden text on Estimate with Windows Classic theme at 125% of normal DPI.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a task condition status resets pricing overrides on the estimate.
  • Activating a new OwnerCare instance for a dealership no longer resets the report type for OwnerCare templates to general.
  • Resolved an issue with email template merge tags inserting at the beginning of the row rather than at the cursor position.
  • OwnerCare no longer creates duplicate transaction log entries.
  • Sending OwnerCare no longer clears out the last motorist report sent column.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause advisors to fail to receive credit for a sent motorist report on the Advisor RO report.
  • Upgrading Shop Flag Notifier to the latest version no longer resets some preferences to defaults.
  • Pressing "Enter" on a RO List where all ROs are filtered out no longer crashes the client.

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