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MultiPoint Release Notes - MR150706

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, July 11, 2015


Remove the Clear button from the Add Rec window – To prevent users from accidentally clearing their entry when adding a rec, the Clear button that was placed next to the add button has been removed. To clear text from the input field, double-click in the box and type or press Delete.

Support for optional values from Bosch – The FlexInspect program has been modified to send optional values to MultiPoint and the integration point has been modified to correctly handle the absence of the optional values. This improves the FlexInspect/MultiPoint user experience by presenting the optional values correctly.

Incomplete estimate warning added for OwnerCare – Users will now be notified when the Estimate page is incomplete if they try to send OwnerCare to the OC Board or via SMS/email.

Change to deferred recommendations pricing rules – If a deferred recommendation on the Estimate is excluded from the estimate or flagged as Done Elsewhere, it will be excluded from the requirements to turn on the Pricing light.


  • Corrected the IP whitelist logic to check for source IP address in the http header value. This change improves the accuracy of the whitelist feature.
  • Corrected an issue where additional customer requests display on the Estimate when the Admin Option is selected to exclude them.
  • No longer allow a negative number in the Dollars from Recommendations field in Notifier setup.
  • Corrected an issue preventing shorter refresh intervals for “Other” users on the RO List.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the Estimate incomplete warning from appearing in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the estimate screen is now displayed properly when loaded
  • Bosch – Properly suppress the OBD section on the FlexInspect page of the Action Plan when no OBD analysis is run.
  • Bosch – Now use the proper pass/caution/fail icon with the battery test on the FlexInspect page of the Action Plan.
  • CPO – Correctly save inspection data on the CPO form after navigating to the RO List.
  • CPO – Fixed the form for DriveTime to properly save the odometer data.
  • CPO – Fixed an issue with saving a checkbox on the 153-point inspection form.
  • CPO – Corrected an issue with emailing multiple reports at the same time when finalizing the inspections.
  • CPO – Fixed an issue with some estimate calculations on the Manheim Chicago CPO form.
  • CPO – Fixed a problem where the options column may not auto-hide after use.

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