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Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, May 10, 2013


Using Notifier gives you and your team the ability to react to conditions in real-time, which allows everyone to be more productive and profitable. One use of Notifier is notify the Manager that there is a high dollar estimate for a vehicle currently in the shop which allows them to give proper attention to these prime selling opportunities. Leveraging just this one feature of Notifier commonly helps you sell enough additional work on one or two Repair Orders to fully pay for the entire month of the Notifier tool.

Service Manager

Solution: Low Recs on High Mileage Vehicle

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: High mileage vehicles are going through the inspection process and no (or too few in your opinion) recommendations are being made.

We all know that once vehicles start to hit higher mileages, they are going to start having problems. If a Technician is supposed to be thoroughly inspecting every vehicle, we can expect them to find at least one or two things wrong.

With Notifier, the Service Manager or Shop Foreman can decide the minimum number of recommendations to expect at high mileage bands and be notified in real-time when the recommendations do not meet expectations.

The Notifier setup offers flexibility in how to be notified. You can even narrow focus to a specific Technician who may be having trouble.
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Odometer BetweenRecommendations
Less than or Equal To
150,000300,0002Tech #1

Once your coaching in this area is complete and your team is performing at your expected level, the notifications naturally become less frequent, allowing you to turn the Notifications off and focus on another area requiring attention.

Solution: Large Dollar Amount Estimate

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: Sometimes vehicles are in need of expensive repairs. Helping the vehicle owner understand why the repairs are needed can be challenging when they cost so much, especially for new or less experienced Advisors.

Service Managers can be notified in real-time when high dollar estimates are being created so they can assist with coaching or even step in and do the selling when appropriate.

With Notifier, the system can let you know when total dollars from inspection and additional recommendations exceed a pre-determined threshold for either all or specific Advisors. The timing of the notification can also be controlled to notify you as soon as the threshold is passed or wait until the entire estimate is complete.

Solution: Declined Failed Recommendations

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: If your Technicians are finding legitimate problems with vehicles that fail certain inspection tasks, your customer should be getting the work done today while they already have their vehicle in the shop. If there is a pattern of customers declining to have repairs done for failed inspection tasks, there may be a problem.

Either the recommendations are not being presented properly (or at all) or perhaps or the customers believe your prices aren't competitive. In any case, it's good to know when this situation occurs so you can do some analysis into why they are being declined.

With Notifier, the system can to alert you whenever a recommendation on a failed inspection task is declined. Notifier gives you one alert per repair order and lets you address the issue in real-time and perhaps even change the outcome.


Parts Manager

Solution: Delay on Attention Parts Flag

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: Normally, during the course of business your parts department staff is able handle the workload smoothly and efficiently. But occasionally, they get backed up and are not able to respond to all the work in a reasonable amount of time.

When this happens, the system can notify the Parts Manager in real-time to step in and help move the work along.

With Notifier, the Parts Manager is able to set their own level of service by telling the system to notify them if the Attention Parts Shop Flag is unresolved after a specific number of minutes.


Service Advisor

Solution: Follow Up on Decision Pending

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: When an estimate has been presented to a vehicle owner and they do not give immediate approval, work on their vehicle cannot proceed. If the advisor doesn't hear back from the customer in an appropriate amount of time, it may fall through the cracks and result in the perception of poor customer service and hold up the remaining portion of the process.

Using Notifier, an Advisor can be reminded to follow up with the vehicle owner to get approval for the recommendations after a certain amount of time. After speaking with the customer the first time, they can set a flag to "Customer Contacted - Decision Pending" and then have Notifier alert them after a short period of time to follow up on the approval.

Solution: Call to Action for Parts Arrived

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: When parts are not immediately available to complete a repair, the customer may pick up their vehicle and promise to return when the special order part arrives. However, the message that the part arrived doesn't always make it back to the vehicle owner in a timely manner resulting in poor customer service and obsolete inventory.

Using Notifier, an Advisor can be alerted when parts have been received in the parts department. The Advisor can setup a Notification for when the Parts Arrived flag gets set which lets them know to call the customer and schedule a time to return for the outstanding service.


Shop Foreman

Solution: Attention Shop Foreman Flag

Submitted by: Brent Wolsey

Problem: A user needs the attention of the Shop Foreman or a specific Manager in order to proceed with their work and they are unable to locate them quickly.

It is common on a comeback repair to involve the Shop Foreman before the repair is considered complete. However, it isn’t always easy to find them quickly, which results in wasted time.

Using Notifier, the Shop Foreman can be made aware of the need in real-time by setting up an alert on a "Attention Shop Foreman" Shop Flag. Now, when a Technician needs their assistance, they don’t have to leave their bay and can use EDGE let the Shop Foreman know who and which RO# their attention is required on.


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