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OwnerCare Release Notes - February 2015

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OwnerCare Report History

Your motorists can now access their OwnerCare Vehicle Report indefinitely. After they’ve submitted their responses, the next time the link is accessed, it will show what they selected but not allow changes.

Shopping Cart page

When the Shopping Cart link is tapped, your motorist will now be directed to the Visit Summary page where they can review all recommendations together.

OwnerCare Board Enhancements

OwnerCare Board has been completely re-designed. You’ll notice a cleaner interface and fewer problems with the password box.

Visit Summary Email

For compliance purposes, an “Unsubscribe” link has been added to the bottom of the Visit Summary email that your motorists receive when they have completed their OwnerCare walk through.

OwnerCare Board Password

You can now choose to turn off the secondary password on the OwnerCare Board. If turned off, you will not need to enter a password after selecting a motorist from the OwnerCare Board.

OwnerCare Expiration Setting

You can now choose how long OwnerCare links will stay active. This helps when OwnerCare is sent to a motorist but they don’t respond in a timely fashion. The link will still allow them to review their Vehicle Report but they will not be permitted to make selections.

OwnerCare Analysis Report

An OwnerCare Analysis report has been added to your Knowledge Bundle that breaks down usage and approval rates for OwnerCare.

Original Concerns Page

To better streamline the OwnerCare walk through, an excess page has been removed from the workflow when you make recommendations on original concern lines.


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