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OwnerCare - Service Advisor Training

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Send OwnerCare to your Customers

  1. Prepare your estimate just like usual.
  2. Click the OwnerCare button. A drop-down will display. Choose the method you would like to use:
      1. Portal Board – If your customer is waiting in the lounge and/or will be presented their OwnerCare Vehicle Report using a dealership-owned device, choose this option.
      2. Email/SMS – If your customer will be presented OwnerCare Portal on their personal device (phone, tablet, or desktop computer), choose this option.

    Portal Instructions 1

  3. If you selected Portal Board
    1. On your dealership-owned tablet, browse to http://portal.autopoint.com/admin and log in with your MultiPoint credentials
    2. Tap the tile with the customer’s name
      Portal Instructions Portal Board
    3. Key in your MultiPoint password
      Portal Instructions Portal Board 2
    4. Present the tablet to your customer so they can review their OwnerCare vehicle report.
  4. If you selected Email/SMS
    1. Send Report via Email and/or SMS screen displays.
    2. By default, the “Send Email” will be selected. Your customer’s email address and the OwnerCare Portal template will populate if available. If you do NOT want to send the report via Email, un-check the “Send Email” option.
    3. To send the report via SMS, check the “Send SMS” option.
    4. Click Send.
    5. A confirmation message will display.
      Portal Instructions Email SMS
  5. Your customer now has a link to OwnerCare Portal and can complete the walkthrough.
  6. Your Estimate will automatically update if/when responses are received from the customer.

Add OwnerCare Column to RO List

  1. From the RO List, right-click on any column and choose Column Chooser.
  2. Column Chooser window displays. Click OwnerCare Portal and drag into the column headers area on the RO List, dropping it where you want it to display.
    Portal Instructions Column Chooser 1
  3. Click “X” to close the Column Chooser window.
  4. OwnerCare now displays on your RO List. Two icons will display in this column:
    Portal Instructions Column Chooser 2
  5.  Portal Sent Icon This icon indicates that OwnerCare has been sent to the customer
  6.  Portal Received Icon This icon indicates that Customer has submitted their approve/defer responses through OwnerCare.

Review Transaction Log

  1. Double-click on the Portal Sent Icon or Portal Received Icon in the OwnerCare column.
  2. OwnerCare Portal Transaction Log displays.
    Portal Transaction Log
  3. Review the information as needed. Transaction Log lists method, date, and time of OwnerCare delivery. It also lists date, time, and details of the customer’s response.
  4. Click Close when finished.

Create / Edit OwnerCare Email/SMS Template

  1. In the Options bar, click Tools > Admin Options
  2. Administrator Options window displays. Click Email/SMS
  3. Email/SMS page displays. Click Add/Edit Templates.
  4. Edit Email/SMS Template Editor displays. Note that E-mail Templates radio button is selected by default. To add a new template, click “Add”. To edit an existing template, highlight the name of the template
  5. Key in a Subject and/or the desired text. The Merge field for OwnerCare Portal is [OCURL]. Wherever this code is found in the template, the OwnerCare Portal URL will display.
  6. Choose “OwnerCare Portal” from the Report Type drop-down. All templates assigned to this type will default when Email/SMS is selected from the OwnerCare drop-down.
  7. Click SMS Templates radio button to add / update the template for an SMS message.
  8. Click Apply to save. A confirmation message will display.
  9. Click OK to close.
    Portal Instructions Edit Template

Talk Tracks

Non-Waiting Customers

Discuss OwnerCare when the customer is dropping off their vehicle

In addition to performing the work you’ve authorized us for, we will also look into any diagnostic concerns, perform a complementary multi-point inspection, and prepare a comprehensive OwnerCare vehicle report. Is email or text the best way to deliver your OwnerCare report? Ok. When you get the link, click on it and walk through the report. If needed, you can approve any services that you’d like us to do during your visit today. Your selections will be sent back to me in real-time. If you have any questions you can always give me a call to discuss. Present OwnerCare card to customer.

Waiting Customers

Approach customer in lounge

Your OwnerCare vehicle report is ready. I have it loaded on this tablet for you; all you need to do is walk through and approve any work you’d like us to do during your visit today. Your selections will be sent to me in real-time. If you have any questions, we can discuss them. I’ll keep an eye on your progress and come pick up the tablet when you’re finished.

Leave tablet with customer and walk away.


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