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Recommendation Deliver Word Track Training

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 13, 2014


As each vehicle component and recommended service have their own benefits and value to the customer. Service Advisors who present recommendations that highlight benefits and value maximize their sales opportunities. Develop as many recommendation word tracks as possible to be best prepared in presenting a wide variety of recommendations and in a variety of situations. 


  • As a Service Advisor Group determine which recommendation will be worked on.
  • As a group list:
  • Benefits of that service or repair to the customer.
  • Other components that are found in the same vehicle system or sub-system.
  • Any additional components or services that can be blended together to provide benefit to the customer.
  • Individually develop word tracks following the three suggested delivery styles.
  • Share the written word tracks with one another out loud.
  • Share ideas and feedback regarding wording and delivery.
  • Rewrite the word tracks with improvements as learned from others.

The delivery techniques presented are but a small representation of the great variety of presentation techniques, styles and disciplines. This same worksheet is easily modified for individual adaptation and other benefit-centric presentation styles.

Following are definitions and examples of each of the delivery techniques suggested here.

Sandwich Technique (Benefit/Recommendation/Benefit)

In this technique, we “sandwich” the recommendation between two related benefits. i.e. benefit one, recommendation, second benefit (and sometimes, third benefit).


“To minimize the cost of tire replacement, we recommend balancing and rotating your tires today. This will ensure you get optimal fuel mileage and even tire wear, which definitely will make it so they last as long as they were designed to last.”

“To keep your transmission in top condition, we recommend performing a transmission fluid exchange service today. This will ensure it continues to operate properly so you should not need to schedule another appointment anytime soon.”


Systems Technique (Component 1, 2, 3/Recommendation/Benefit)

In this technique, we start with components of the system that DO NOT need attention and work toward the item that DOES, followed by a benefit. i.e. Component 1 is good, component 2, 3 and 4 are also good, however Component 5 requires attention, followed by a benefit to the customer. Recommendation Delivery Word Track Worksheets Last Revised: 19 February 2014 Recommendation Delivery Word Tracks


“Our technician inspected all of your cooling hoses, connectors and clamps and found them to be in really good condition. The water pump and thermostat are also in great shape.

The one area of concern is the coolant itself. It contains some contaminates and isn’t protecting you engine as it was designed to. To get the whole system back to its peak condition, we recommend performing a coolant fluid exchange service.

That way, you will have confidence that in both hot and cold operating conditions, your system will function as the manufacturer intended.”


Associated Component Technique (Component being serviced/Recommendation/Benefit)

In this technique, we draw attention to items that make sense to service while we are servicing another item, followed by a benefit. i.e. While we service component X, we could also service component Y. Followed by the benefit.


“Since the drive belt tensioner is causing the vibration problem you brought the vehicle in for, we might want to replace the drive belt at the same time. This operation will not cost any additional labor and will make it so that you shouldn’t have to worry about either of these components for some time to come.”


Download Worksheet

Use our worksheet to expand your prepared recommendation delivery word tracks.

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