Release Notes

Release Notes - MR 15.0803

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Available in August 2015, this release focused on making the OwnerCare experience more smooth and resolving several other known issues.


OwnerCare - Purchasing Conditions – Default purchasing condition verbiage now displays in MultiPoint. To use custom purchasing conditions instead, select the “Custom Message” radio button and enter the desired verbiage. To see the purchasing conditions, go to Tools | Admin Options | Estimate | Purchasing Conditions.
OwnerCare - New Demo Environment – OwnerCare demos are now available for Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and BMW. The site is set up to easily add new demos as needed. The URL for the demo environment remains unchanged (http://ownercare.autopoint.com/demo); now you’ll just select the demo you wish to view.
OwnerCare - Confirmation Email Updated – The subject line on the confirmation email has been changed to “From [DEALERSHIP NAME]: Your OwnerCare Summary”. Pre-approved items and pricing will now be included, and the message “Additional time may be needed to complete authorized recommendations.” has been added.
OwnerCare - Greeting Updated – Motorists will now be greeted by “Your Inspection Results are Ready” rather than “Your Vehicle Report is Ready” to reduce confusion.
OwnerCare - All Done Message Updated – The message “Additional time may be needed to complete authorized recommendations.” has been added to the All Done page.
CPO - Improved Vehicle Image Coverage – We have updated our image library for the Interactive Inspection Results. More vehicles will now have images on the inspection results web page.
CPO - New Forms – Honda and Acura OEM CPO forms have been updated to the latest versions. New forms have been created for Del Grande Dealer Group and Enterprise.


  • MultiPoint - The recommendation videos will now work correctly when viewed using Internet Explorer 11.
  • MultiPoint - Fixed an issue where removing a Shop Flag 2 from the setup could cause MultiPoint to stop responding.
  • MultiPoint - Stylized MINI in the vehicles table so that all MINIs going forward will contain the proper all-caps style. This change will not affect historical vehicle descriptions on closed ROs.
  • MultiPoint - Resolved an issue where 0 recommendation notifications were triggering before the inspection was complete in some cases.
  • MultiPoint - Corrected an issue where "Require Reason For Defer" was not working correctly.
  • OwnerCare – The “You are in private browsing mode” message will now display correctly for motorists who access OwnerCare in Safari and have private browsing turned on.
  • OwnerCare - The OwnerCare transaction log in MultiPoint will now show the pricing sent to OwnerCare rather than the pricing currently on the Estimate
  • OwnerCare - The dealership name will display in the OwnerCare Purchasing Conditions in place of the “DEALERSHIP” tag when the purchasing conditions are rendered in OwnerCare.
  • OwnerCare - Made a change to the OwnerCare URL that is sent to the motorist to correct an issue that occurs for the default Windows phone browser.
  • OwnerCare - Corrected an issue where the purchasing conditions don't display correctly after modification.
  • CPO - Corrected an issue with the Next button when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • CPO - Clarified the message presented to a user when a requested VIN has already been processed in CPO.

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