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RetentionPoint Release Notes - February 2015

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, February 06, 2015

Searchable Article Database

NewActionA new action called Search Knowledge Base has been added to the Choose Action list on the Active Call tab .

Clicking this new action will open a new Search tab in another browser window and allow you to search the article database for the selected dealership.

This helps by giving you access to all articles when you need information about a recommendation that doesn't have articles linked on the Call Detail page.

Inline Update Screen

When you click the Update button in the Call Administration Actions area, the Update Window opens inline rather than in a pop-up window.

This way the Update Window does not cover important information needed while processing the call.

Manager Approval to Move Past Call

[caption id="attachment_5112" align="alignright" width="300"]Reason to Skip Call Window Reason to Skip Call Window[/caption]

As a RetentionPoint Advisor, if you click the Done for Today button without processing the call, you are now required to enter comments about why you want to bypass the call.

Your comments go to your manager and are recorded in Internal Notes. Your manager has the choice to finalize the call or return it to you.

After your manager returns a call to you, it will be queued to display the when you click Next Call.

Skipped Call Log for Managers

[caption id="attachment_5114" align="alignright" width="300"]Skipped Call Log Entry Skipped Call Log Entry[/caption]

An option for Skipped Call Log has been added to the Choose Action list on the Admin tab.

As a manager, you can monitor the log for calls that your agents have questions about. You can see your agent's comments or questions and you have the option to return the call or finalize it yourself.

This prevents the advisors from passing over a call without taking any action.

No Reminder & No Appointment

A new warning has been added when you try update a call record without setting an appointment or reminder call.

"There is no reminder and no future appointment set up for this contact. If you would like continue with this, please check the 'No Reminder & No Appointment" field."

This new checkbox was added below the appointment time in the Customer Contact Update area. This feature helps prevent you from accidentally making an incorrect call disposition.

RO History on Call Detail Screen

A section for Repair History has been added beneath the section for Contact History on the right side of the Call Detail screen so you can see the last 3 repair orders the motorist had with the dealership. This will help you to know when you're calling if the motorist has been in recently.


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