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Technician Quick Start Card - v3.19

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 13, 2014


This informative reference tool is a quick guide to the administrative features of MultiPoint™. Complete instructions are available by accessing Help from the Tech View RO List.  Tutorials and exercises are available by accessing Online Training at http://helpdesk.autopoint.com.

MultiPoint is designed to increase technician productivity by streamlining the inspection process. The topics covered in this reference guide are:

  • Utilizing the Repair Order (RO) List to access repair orders
  • The functions of the RO in Progress Tab
  • Performing inspections in EDGE
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Switch Users


RO List

The RO List tab is where all shop vehicles are located once they have been written up in the DMS. From this list, a technician can choose an RO or load an RO if it is not displayed on the list.

Load a Repair Order

ro_list_load_roIn the upper left hand corner of the RO List tab, there is a field that allows you to load a repair order. You can load an RO by five criteria:  RO number, tag number, license plate, or the last 8 digits of the VIN, and the customer’s last name.  Press Enter or hit the Go button to load the RO. The RO will load in the RO in Progress tab.  You may also load any RO on your RO List by double-clicking on it.

[box style="1"]TIP: Once you load an RO into the RO in progress, the title bar will contain the main RO details (RO number, tag, year, make, model, engine, mileage).[/box]

Select a Repair Order

When using the Load RO function more than one RO may contain the search criteria used as keyed in to the Load RO field.  If this is the case MultiPoint will display all of the ROs that contain the search criteria in question.  To choose an RO from this list simply double-click on it.


RO in Progress tab

Once an RO is loaded it is displayed in the RO in Progress tab.  The left half contains lines as written on the RO in the DMS.  These are also known as the Original Customer Requests or OCRs.  The right half of the screen is a web browser used to locate OEM documentation, SmartTech, or any webpage that is otherwise available in the network infrastructure.  (Please reference MultiPoint Help, AutoPoint Help Desk, or an AutoPoint associate for more information regarding SmartTech).

The main tasks performed on the left side of the pane include:  documenting the inspection results, communicating recommendations regarding diagnostic lines, accessing Shop Notes, and setting Shop Flags.


Open an Inspection

If the service advisor has added an inspection Op-Code on the RO the inspection will be listed underneath the OCR in the Customer Requests section.  Simply double click on the icon to open the inspection.

add_inspectionAdd an Inspection

If an inspection package has not been automatically added to an RO via an Op-code, a technician may add one by clicking the Add Pkg button on the tool bar. The Select a New Package dialog box opens. Select the appropriate package by clicking Go.


Recording Inspection Results

  1. The inspection list is organized by sections and tasks within each section.  To document recommendations locate the desired task and select the desired result. Pass, Caution, Fail, Not Done.Recording a task as Caution or Fail causes a dialog box to appear. The dialog box is populated with a list of the most common observations and recommendations for that task.
    • Select an observation from the list on the left side of the dialog box. Make sure your desired selection contains a checkmark in the appropriate box adjacent to the wording.
    • Select the desired recommendation(s).  Make sure an observation and a recommendation are selected with appropriate check marks.
    • Choose OK
    • Some task items require measurements (brakes, tires, etc.) in these instances a dialog box opens even when the green pass box is selected. Choose the appropriate measurement and click OK (you do not have to choose a recommendation for passed items).
  2. Once you have cautioned, failed and recorded all items requiring measurements, click the Pass Rest button. All remaining unchecked items will automatically be marked as Pass/Done.
  3. Click Add Rec to add any recommendation that isn’t addressed within the inspection package. You will need to type your observation and recommendation instead of selecting from a list.
  4. Click Pkg Done to complete the inspection package.


  • inspectionEvery task for which an observation was made display on the Obs/Rec Summary pane found on the right hand side of the Active Package window.  If you double-click an item on that list it will open the Obs/Rec window so changes can be made.
  • Click Specs for additional information on the specific item being inspected. MultiPoint displays the specifications in a pop up window.
  • Clear All removes all of the check marks from the inspection. Clear One will clear the check mark from the highlighted line.
  • The grey box is used to indicate which items were not inspected or were not applicable for the vehicle during this visit.

Shop Flags

Shop Flags are intended to track the flow of an RO through the Service Department and increase visibility of where an RO currently sits in the process.  There are three Shop Flag columns on the RO List; and the flags available under each column are customizable by shop.

Shop Flag 1: This Shop Flag is used by all departments.  Shop Flag 1 indicates the current status of an RO or the next action that needs to be taken.  This is the only Shop Flag that will change the color of an RO on the RO List.

Shop Flag 2: By default Shop Flag 2 is designed to be set by the Parts Department.  This flag is used to indicate the availability of parts for an RO.

Shop Flag 3: This Shop Flag is typically used by service advisors.  The most common uses for this flag include indicating Waiter status, promise time for vehicle pickup, and keeping track of assigned loaner vehicles.

Shop Notes

shop_notesShop Notes is a feature designed to allow internal communication regarding specific repair orders.  The button is located on the main toolbar in Tech View.

The Shop Notes will never appear on any of the customer reports.  Because of this Shop Notes can be used for many different thing including parts and availability details, general communications, and specific questions and answers between staff members. Once a Shop Note has been saved it can never be edited nor deleted and will remain with that RO in MultiPoint indefinitely.

There are several shortcut buttons located at the bottom of Shop Notes to make them as easy to use as possible.

Print: This button will print all of the Shop Notes saved for this RO.  When printed the RO number will be located at the top of the Shop Notes

Request: This button will input a customizable template right into the Shop Notes.  This feature is most commonly used by technicians for submitting parts requests.  The button is completely customizable so it has the potential for other uses as well.

Recs: The Recs button will paste a list of all the recommendations that have been made on this particular RO.  This includes inspection recommendations, recommendation made using the Ad-Rec button and the cause/correction for any Original Customer Requests that have been entered into the EDGE software.  This does not include Previous Declined Recommendations.

Shop Notes Column on the RO List

The RO List includes a for the Shop Notes icon.  If a Shop Note has been saved for the RO you will see the Shop Notes icon shop_notes_icon.  If no Shop Notes have been saved this column will be blank (no icon).  There is an alternate Shop Notes column available in the Column Chooser (see above).  The Shop Notes (time elapsed) column will not only show the Shop Notes icon – but will also show how long it has been since the Shop Notes were updated.

Inspection History / Previously Deferred Recommendations

MultiPoint gives you two quick and easy ways to access Inspection history.

Method 1: From the RO in Progress tab, hit the Estimate button.  This will open the estimate screen for that particular RO.  If this vehicle had been inspected in the past AND if  recommendations have been deferred by the client during that visit.  Those recommendations will be listed on the estimate under the section Previously Deferred Recommendations.  Information displayed includes task items cautioned and failed, observation made, recommendation made  date of the  recommendation, pricing information, and the technician who made the recommendation.


Method 2: Input the last 8 digits of the VIN in the Load RO and hit  (see Load a Repiar Orderon page 1).  The resulting list will be of all of the ROs written and migrated to AutoPoint since the inception of the MultiPoint inspection process.   Since multiple ROs/inspections could be displayed choose the appropriate RO and double-click to open.  Once displayed click on the inspection icon to see all of the task items that were Passed, Cautioned, Failed, and marked as Not Done.  The inspection details are found along the top of the inspection.


Search – Smart Tech, Direct Hit, and OEM Websites

The right side of the Tech View screen one can display a wide variety of information.


Designed to help technicians spot common cautions or failures on specific vehicles based on year, make, and model of a vehicle.  SmartTech generates a report that indicates the top parts failures and most common recommendations.  Technicians will load the SmartTech report by choosing the SmartTech button.

Note:  Maintenance recommendations are removed from this report (fluid services, tire rotation, etc).

  • Part Failures: this section of the report shows the most common part failures for this vehicle.  This data includes failure from Original Customer Requests and Inspection results.
  • Common Recommendations: this section of the Smart-Tech report shows the most common recommendations made by technicians during the inspection process.

 Identifix and Direct HitTM

If the shop currently subscribes to Direct HitTM the users will be able to view Direct Hit information from the pane.  One will need to only enter search teams in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Choose Enter which will open Direct Hit in a separate window.


If you do not have access to Direct Hit and would like a free test drive please visit, www.identifix.com.  Please see Identifix and Direct Hit documentation for usage tips.

OEM Website and other websites

The search pane also acts as a web browser because of this the particular oem’s website can be loaded in this pane.  This allows the technician to see repair data from the oem as well as see key RO information in the same place.  Using the search pane also allows for documentation to be saved directly to the RO in MultiPoint.

Save Documents to Original Customer Requests

Sometimes saving key documents to the RO is advantageous to the technician and the dealership.  For example, you have located the exact remove and replace procedure for a specific part but the part isn’t in stock.  Now you want to save that document for future referencefor a part.

To accommodate this MultiPoint provides functionality to save any document you access in the Search pane to the specific RO and to the specific line in question.

To save a document:

  1. From the document you want to save, click  Save on the browser toolbar.
  2. Verify that the documents looks like you expect. If it does, proceed to step 3. If it doesn’t, click the JPG Option.
    Note:  The default PDF save format should be used unless the document doesn’t display properly.
  3. Select the customer concern you would like it saved to and verify that the name is something you will recognize in the future.
  4. Click Save to save and close the save dialog box.

To view a saved document:

From the RO in Progress tab, double-click the saved document that you would like to view.  It will display in the browser window on the right side of the screen.

View Closed Repair Orders

view_closed_rosOn the RO List tab, you may choose to show closed repair orders. This is very useful to see documents that were saved with regard to an RO that has been previously closed.

  1. Click the circle next to Inactive ROs.
  2. After clicking this circle you may choose a date range of ROs to show on the RO list.
  3. Double-click on any RO to open and view its contents.


favorites_buttonThe Favorites button  in EDGE allows you to set the page currently being displayed in the EDGE browser as an internet favorite. These favorites can be organized any way you choose and are specific to each individual login.  These are the equivalent to bookmarks in browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Switch Users

EDGE gives you the ability to quickly switch between users without having to log out of the program.  If you also set the Remember My Password option when you login, you will be able to switch users without inputting your password.

  1. Click Switch Users from the Menu Tool Bar.
  2. Choose your Login from the list.

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