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Top Recommendations Made

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 13, 2014

 Listed are 50 of the most common recommendations made by technicians while performing World Class Inspections. This list was compiled from over 4 million inspection recommendations. 


  • Create sales technique word tracks based on the following recommendations as recommendations made by shop Technicians.
  • Review your Additional Information files to make sure you have compelling pictures and paragraphs for recommendations made.


  1. Change engine oil and filter
  2. Replace air filter
  3. Replace fuel filter
  4. Rotate tires
  5. Perform Automatic Transmission Service
  6. Replace Cabin Air Filter
  7. Replace Differential Fluid
  8. Change automatic transmission fluid
  9. Perform power steering fluid service
  10. Perform fuel Injection Service
  11. Cooling System Service
  12. Have alignment checked
  13. Brake Fluid Service
  14. Replace Coolant
  15. Add Fuel Conditioner/Additive
  16. Inspect Brakes
  17. Replace Spark Plugs
  18. Replace Manual Transmission Fluid
  19. Replace Wiper Blades
  20. Replace Tires
  21. Replace Transfer Case Fluid
  22. Service/Clean Battery and Terminals
  23. Replace PCV Valve
  24. Clean and service throttle body
  25. Pressure Test Cooling System
  26. Replace Accessory Drive Belt
  27. Pack Wheel Bearings
  28. Replace Brake Pads and Resurface Rotors
  29. Adjust Rear Brakes
  30. Perform Engine Tune Up
  31. Replace Battery
  32. Replace Timing Belt
  33. Balance Tires
  34. Perform A/C service
  35. Replace Brake Light Bulb
  36. Replace Fuel Cap
  37. Replace Windshield
  38. Replace Crankcase Ventilation filter
  39. Replace Clutch Fluid
  40. Diagnose engine oil leak
  41. Replace Ball Joints
  42. Nitrogen Service for Tires
  43. Replace Water Pump
  44. Replace License Plate Light
  45. Replace Spark Plug Wires
  46. Clean, Adjust, Repair Parking Brake
  47. Replace Drive Axle Boot
  48. Replace Starter
  49. Replace Turn Signal Bulb
  50. State Inspection Due/Perform Inspection

Recommendations to Develop

Use our worksheet to create a list of recommendations you would like to develop Word-Tracks on using the 3 Recommendation Delivery sales techniques.

[button link="http://knowledge.autopoint.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/03/AutoPoint-Recs_to_Develop.pdf" size="medium" color="orange" lightbox="false"]Download Worksheet[/button]


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