Release Notes

Welcome Point Release 1.17

Posted by Laurel Carnes Friday, December 11, 2015

New Features

  • Comments section of Add Line modal updated to show all entered text
  • ‘Remember my login’ checkbox added to login page, it will remember DealerID and username
  • Ability to email or print initial estimate with signature after RO creation
  • Auto-suggest improved to show more suggestions and allow scrolling through list of suggestions
  • Appointment list views that are empty will indicate that to the user
  • VIN field enhanced with character limits and intelligent copy and paste support
  • Terms & Conditions updated to support hard returns for ease of reading
  • Character limit added to mileage field
  • Validation added to walk in search to eliminate search with too many results
  • Appointments in DealerTrack will be removed after successful RO creation
  • Support for importing appointments from CDK
  • Support for creating and updating appointments in CDK
  • Ability to import CDK dispatch codes
  • Ability to import CDK pay types
  • Admin Options support for selecting DMS
  • Add Line modal updated to support CDK 

Fixed Defects

  • Wrong logo was being in Tools | About menu
  • Fixed “NaN” (not a number) defect affecting iOS devices
  • Active inspection package were not showing in WelcomePoint
  • Company names were not being included in walk in search
  • Invalid VIN would prevent the appointment list from loading
  • Promise time was being set two hours ahead of the desired value
  • Email validation was not checking for valid email patterns
  • Fixed spacing around new Autopoint logo
  • Email validation was failing on when bad email addresses were imported with the appointment
  • Op code auto suggest would enter [object object] instead of the selected op code
  • DMS Provider setting was missing from Admin Options
  • Refactored Walk In search to improve speed and reduce system resources
  • Deferred “additional recommendations” were not correctly importing from MultiPoint
  • Approved Walk Around recommendations were not being accurately reflected in MultiPoint
  • Adjusted prices in WelcomePoint were not being reflected in DealerTrack
  • Deleted inspection tasks were still showing in the WelcomePoint walk around
  • Where divide by zero could occur when calculating estimated mileage
  • Vertical scroll bar was not appearing in Admin Options
  • Client and API version were not being accurately reflected in Tools | About
  • Email calls where failing
  • Terms & Conditions text was not properly wrapping
  • Email was not retrieving Advisor details causing email preview to fail
  • Fixed formatting issues with the Initial Estimate email modal
  • Shop logo would not upload to Admin Options

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