Release Notes

WelcomePoint Release 1.16

Posted by Laurel Carnes Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Features

  • Default inspection package can now be set by user
  • Updated the AutoPoint and WelcomePoint logos to conform to the new branding
  • Updated the DMS processor to support CDK and DealerTrack simultaneously
  • Added support for user-specific OEM logins
  • The initial estimate summary document will generate automatically after the RO is created
  • Add the option to print or email the initial estimate summary document
  • Automatically removed appointments from DealerTrack when the OR is created
  • Added a shop setting to specify the DMS being used
  • Expanded the comments field on the Add Line function to support multiple lines
  • Add a "Remember My Login" option on the log in screen
  • A message now says o appointments are scheduled in the selected view on the appointment list
  • Character limits have been added to the VIN field to improve copy/paste functionality
  • You can now enjoy "hard returns" separating paragraphs in the terms and conditions (I know, awesome, huh?)
  • Vehicle mileage field now has an edit check for the number of characters to help prevent typos
  • Customer Search requires a minimum length search argument to prevent huge search results lists from being returned
  • DMS Provider Config Tool to be used internally to update shop settings
  • Improved the auto-suggest feature for the Add Line function
  • Linked vehicle color in WelcomePoint with OwnerCare
  • Option to turn on/off Smart Tech

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed a problem with the horizontal scrolling on the appointments list
  • Admin options link will always display for admin user
  • Corrected and issue where the appointments list filter would freeze
  • Fixed a problem with dynamic appointment times
  • Resolved an issue where some appointments were not displaying as repair orders after conversion
  • All Appointments view will now show all appointments (unless hidden by user)
  • Fixed a problem where an invalid VIN might prevent the appointment list from loading
  • Fixed a number display issue for iOS calendar
  • Resolved issue where active inspection forms wouldn't show in the WelcomePoint inspection list
  • Customer Search now also returns company names
  • Fixed an issue with daylight savings time
  • Centered AutoPoint logo on iPad
  • Fixed an issue with the created time display for appointments
  • Customer images can now be updated on the iPad
  • Deleted walk around photos are now permanently deleted
  • Resolved issue with the op code auto suggest not inserting the correct code

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