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MultiPoint: In Shop Discovery

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Connect has reduced inefficiencies by enabling the entire team to be on the same page.
–Tim SauterParts & Service Director,
R&H Motor Cars

OnPoint: Shop Productivity



Handles everything from process optimization to improving shop communication.

  • Inter-departmental communication tool
  • Creates additional shop capacity by improving process efficiency
  • Keep teams in work areas
  • Customized repair order statuses
  • Preserves communications history


Prompts you to be proactive about resolving bottlenecks or coaching your team through difficult situations with real-time exception alerts delivered to your mobile device or email.

  • Integrated with Connect to maximize shop efficiency
  • Alerts for:
    • Missed inspections
    • High dollar estimates
    • Bogged down repair orders


Expert field consultants make regular onsite visits to develop, implement and evaluate processes that will help you maximize your ROI in the AutoPoint Platform.

  • Deep fixed operations experience
  • Over 5,000 site visits made per year
  • 600+ years of combined industry experience
  • Focus on best practices, action plans, and goals
  • Know Your Service Department report to summarize each visit


Understand at a glance the metrics around your shop performance against benchmarks and history.

  • Monitor inspection and recommendation rates and averages
  • Compare your shop to similar top performers
  • Process adoption rates
  • Same-day and 30-day return visit upsell stats


Supporting data for the Dashboards are delivered to your inbox in the form of critical reports that increase visibility and accountability among all team members.

  • Recommendation close rates
  • Quick lane-specific recommendation upsell reports
  • Productivity and performance by team member
  • Automated subscription service delivers reports when you need them


Our experienced team of coaches proactively contact you each month to assist in setting and exceeding your performance and revenue goals.

  • Over 7,000 coaching calls placed each year
  • Progress against targets reviewed
  • Sharpen focus and identify trouble spots
  • Over 1,000 webinars for new feature and staff training each year

Quick Specs

Save your technicians time by providing all of the repair specifications they need at their fingertips.

  • Fluid types, capacities, and viscocities
  • Battery specs
  • Tire pressure
  • Brake lining thickness
  • Torques
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Customers call us to talk about this. The Action Plan definitely makes it easier for our advisors to make the sale.
-Steve DayService Manager, Joe Machens BMW

AccessPoint: Customer Interaction


Action Plan

A customized, professional presentation that informs your customer about the condition of their vehicle and exactly what needs to be done.

  • Presentation of recommendations
  • Puts purchasing decision in customer’s hands
  • Summarizes inspection results
  • Includes Educational Articles about recommended services

Know Your Vehicle Report

A valuable summary of the service visit designed to educate about your service recommendations and why proper maintenance is important.

  • Professional customer take-away
  • Explains deferred services to decision maker
  • Serves as a reminder about needed services


Send your customers online for an interactive experience where they can explore their inspection results, watch short videos about your recommendations, and approve services right on their mobile device.

  • View technician photos of the vehicle
  • See inspection results history
  • Review previously deferred recommendations


Document scratches and dings on the service drive or have technicians take pictures of failed parts to share with your customer.

  • Runs on Apple mobile devices
  • Include photos on Portal
  • Support warranty submissions


Maintain a consistent message about the importance and value of your service recommendations with AutoPoint Recommendation Videos.

Sample Video

  • 200+ proprietary videos for most common recommendations
  • 30-90 seconds each
  • Customer- and Advisor-facing versions
  • Advisor training
  • Waiting room DVD

Educational Articles

Include our technician-authored articles about your most common recommendations to help your customers understand why proper maintenance is important.

  • Easy to understand
  • Good part/bad part pictures
  • Helps customer make informed decisions
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Without any effort we can give our customers Targeted effective messages that elicit the right response.
-Kris TrumanGeneral Manager, Hoehn Mercedes Benz

RetentionPoint: Business Development



Don’t leave unperformed recommended services on the table. Let our team of experienced professionals reach out to your customers to discuss a return visit and set an appointment for your recommendations.

  • Knowledgeable professionals discussing services
  • Attempts made according to your customer schedule
  • Appointments booked straight into your appointment system
  • Calls place from your area code


Follow up like clockwork with well-timed emails designed to remind, inform and entice your customers to return for deferred recommendations.

  • Communications sent on your customized schedule
  • Fully automated campaigns
  • Extremely low bounce-rate
  • 100’s of templates to choose from


Turn all your customer follow up needs over to AutoPoint and we’ll keep you customers informed and engaged from purchase to trade-in.

  • Knowledgeable marketing account managers
  • Very flexible campaign options
  • Sales, service, and parts follow up campaigns
  • Customized templates and high-touch support
  • Campaign ROI reporting
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AutoPoint definitely makes Upselling much easier.
-Lynn SolerQuick Lane Service Adviser, Phil Long Ford



CPO Inspection

Automate the process of completing the CPO form and leverage your work with your Internet ads.

  • Inspection report is linked to Internet ad for CPO vehicles
  • Includes OEM form and vehicle history report
  • Advertise the thoroughness of the CPO inspection


Increase your upsell opportunities by performing a quick walk around inspection on the service drive or express lane.

  • Quick access to inspection history and previously declined services
  • Inspect prior to DMS write up
  • Customize the inspection points
  • Includes access to Quick Specs


A slimmed down inspection used on your express lane to help drive business to your main shop.

  • Quick and easy to perform
  • Works best with Mobile application
  • Included inspection history and previously declined services
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