Targeted Display Advertising

A New Way

Combines valuable offline customer service data—information like contact data, the customer’s vehicle make and model, and the customer’s service or purchase history—with precise online display ad targeting.

Through TDA, you have the power to substantially expand your advertising impressions. Whereas a call or an email can only reach your customer through one medium, TDA gives you the ability to maintain an impact on your customers across a multitude of channels.

TDA was developed to create relevant, scientifically-targeted retention marketing advertising, optimize your ad spend, and engage the business of customers (particularly those straying to your competitors). TDA, in combination with our Journey solution, divides your customers into segments based on their place in the vehicle ownership lifecycle. This way, the system knows exactly what your customers need to see, when they need to see it, and where they’ll be online. From there, TDA targets individual customers with customized communications through the digital channels they visit the most.

Want to retain your most valuable customers’ loyalty throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle? TDA enables effective communication that will bring them back in the door, without wasting your marketing dollars.

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Through pilot testing conducted within two major automotive brands over the course of 90 days, we found targeting owners through new digital channels led to 30% increased service sales, drove incremental service revenue back to the dealer, maximized audience reach and ROI, garnered actionable intelligence about dealers’ most lucrative customers, and strengthened the customer-to-dealer relationship.

And that’s not all. TDA has shown up to 50% match rates between customer data and digital profiles, which dramatically expands the number of sales opportunities created, maximizes reach, and boosts ROI.

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