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We Want To Hear From You
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Our Digital Solutions

Ensuring Vehicle Owners are Customers for Life

All AutoPoint communications are enabled by our highly automated dynamic media engine.
Using this engine, you can completely customize your marketing messages,
where every individual owner has their own vehicle ownership lifecycle.

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AutoPoint is part of Solera's Vehicle Solutions

Our vehicle solutions maximize dealership value throughout car ownership, elevating the purchasing, servicing, and financing experience. Solera offers digital marketing that drives customer engagement and continues their journey with service and maintenance solutions that build customers for life. Our products are designed to work together, elevating a dealership’s ability to provide a seamless customer relationship throughout the vehicle lifecycle.


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The New Standard for Customer Experience

We’re the first to create a single, powerhouse Retention Suite that keeps your customers coming back—and we’re not stopping there.


Our data-driven, targeted communications suite. Reach your customers with the information they need and bring them back again and again.



The big picture of all your service capabilities. From appointments to inspections to payments, you’re covered with our comprehensive, DMS-integrated service solutions.



Getting customers from A to B, faster than your shuttle service. Concierge-level mobility at lower operation costs.



The DMV line is a thing of the past. Electronic titling and nationwide coverage with the exact taxes and fees at your point of sale.


Innovative Technology

We build cutting-edge tools that drive value for dealerships by increasing efficiency and promoting customer retention throughout the vehicle lifecycle.


A Suite of Solutions

We are the only solution provider that connects all the key dots of the vehicle lifecycle. Want loyal customers? Want an efficient shop? Want increased revenue? We have everything you need.


One of a Kind

We do things differently. From solutions to support, we are uniquely positioned in the market. And we can top it with a 4:1 ROI.

AutoPoint dealership and service center software transforms the vehicle ownership experience, bringing together every service necessary for providing unmatched automotive customer service. Our industry-leading tools empower dealerships and OEMs with a robust technology platform that demystifies sales and customer retention.

Our powerful software suite contains every tool dealerships and OEMs need to promote sales, launch effective digital and email marketing campaigns, provide maintenance support, supply proper documentation, and increase customer retention. Our comprehensive software solution supports you every step of the way so that you can ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.