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Cracking the Customer Loyalty Code

Customer loyalty is a moving target. New marketing channels, technological innovations, customer preferences and momentary trends are just a few of the elements that contribute to the complex issue of retention. But retention, when done correctly, can bridge the gap from satisfied customers to customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty requires work, but retaining your valued client base is much easier than prospecting and generating sales leads. According to Hubspot,

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These challenges have many businesses switching from prospecting to consumer loyalty. Loyal customers can drive revenue where new sales fall short.

Current loyalty drivers in the automotive industry

Every industry possesses a set of unique challenges. The automotive industry is no different. Vehicle ownership offers a unique opportunity to create a brand loyalty relationship. According to a recent report by Oath, “The buyer experience means 52% more to brand love in the auto industry than anywhere else.”

In the past, dealerships have often viewed a vehicle purchase as the end of the marketing funnel. Now, it’s important to recognize that a transaction extends beyond the point of purchase. Every single vehicle purchase offers the opportunity to create a loyal consumer. Did you know that each vehicle presents 54 opportunities to engage with an owner? From service visits to fixed ops, there are multiple opportunities to drive customer loyalty.

The future of loyalty drivers

As we continue to immerse ourselves in the digital world, we have to consider what the consumer journey will look like in years to come. For most brands, marketing automation is becoming essential to their overall strategy. According to Hubspot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018:

  • 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for 3 or more years
  • Martech estimates that spending for marketing automation tools will reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023
  • 80% of marketers who utilize marketing automation generate more leads

Marketing automation allows companies to bridge the gap of expanding their reach while personalizing the consumer brand experience. The best platforms are anticipating an improved consumer experience by offering seamless omni-channel marketing.

The future of loyalty drivers in the automotive industry

Creating brand loyalty in the automotive industry has historically been difficult. On average, dealerships experience a 49% retention rate. This rate falls regularly, resulting in a retention rate of 0.3% at the end of a 10-year span.

This untapped potential leaves a huge opportunity for brand loyalty for those dealerships willing to create an omni-channel experience. Failing to engage at the optimal moment, using the result channel, can results in the loss of a competitive edge.

Cracking the customer loyalty code

Dealerships will be expected to go above and beyond marketing channels if they hope to gain the loyalty of future audiences. Customers want to know their time is valued. Consider grocery delivery services and the nearly instantaneous shipping options offered by Amazon. Customers are willing to pay a premium to save time.

Driving loyalty will not be possible without omni-channel marketing and time-saving options. AutoPoint offers an omni-channel platform that allows you to engage with consumers, personalizing each experience through seamless interactions, while providing opportunities for customer engagement outside the dealership.

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