If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.
If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.


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Digital Marketing Strategy 101: When Targeting is a Good Thing

Targeting may be a bit vague in the college football world, but what we’re talking about today should be crystal clear to all the professional marketers out there. Engaging individual customers based on data, or targeted digital marketing, should be the starting quarterback for your marketing strategy.

First, we need to set the record straight on some common digital marketing myths. Read on for the facts, and don’t forget to check out the other Inside Track posts from this month here.

Myth: Digital isn’t as effective as traditional marketing, ROI-speaking.
Fact: Digital marketing, especially if you employ an omnichannel strategy, can be just as effective as traditional marketing.

In some cases, you can see even greater returns if you target the right customer at the right time. With 97% of adults under 65 years of age on social media at least once a month, it’s safe to say your target customer is on social—you should be too. An omnichannel marketing strategy, one that puts dollars behind both traditional and digital marketing, is the new normal for dealerships and service departments. Utilizing channels like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger increases the likelihood that customers will see and act on your message. And linking those impressions to RO spend gives you a true picture of your marketing investment, for the ROI junkies out there. Consider these statistics: 76% of Facebook users and 51% of Instagram users visit those channels every single day. And one of the top 10 reasons people actually use social media is to buy products advertised there.

Myth: Valid email addresses are the only means to accurate targeting.
Fact: There are lots of criteria you can use to identify your customers online.

Email is no longer the exclusive portal to your customers. Today’s marketing providers can identify customers with simple and accessible data points such as name, address and phone number. It’s that easy to tie a customer to a digital footprint. And now you have a direct connection to leverage when an individual customer needs service on their vehicle. A well-thought-out customer profile can be based on thousands of attributes such as location, age, interests, hobbies, etc.

Myth: There’s no visible connection between an online campaign and an offline purchase.
Fact: With a little magic and elbow grease, linking online impressions to instore buys is absolutely possible.

Unlike traditional ecommerce, the connection between digital campaigns and onsite spend can be murky. The key is selecting a provider that can make those connections for you. Your digital marketing solution should operate like a well-oiled machine and give you visibility into every click with actionable information pulled from Google Analytics, ecommerce sites, as well as social media-prompted transactions.

Myths Busted. Now What?

Digital needs to be dominant. Traditional marketing certainly has its place in your strategy, and it connects with segments of your customer base, to be sure. But a majority of your customers are online, and they’re shopping up a storm.

You may argue that today’s consumer is inundated with ads and it’s all just noise, no matter what you’re saying. But that’s where targeting saves the day. Your online presence should be robust, and your targeted efforts should be precise down to the exact customer. With the right solutions provider, you can create easy those connections. There’s nothing more convenient for a customer than receiving a coupon in their private messages for new tires when their old ones are due to retire. Digital marketing genuinely delights customers by giving them exactly what they need, when they need it.

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