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Reasons You Need a Shuttle Alternative for Your Dealership

Loaner fleets and shuttles are just a part of doing business. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either. So, what are your loaners and shuttles doing to make your dealership better? Here we’ve diagnosed some common symptoms of lagging shuttle operations and the cure: on-demand shuttle services. 

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1 . Your RO spend is stagnant

A customer comes in with “xyz” problem, and you fix that problem while they zoom around town in a loaner car. You attempt to upsell and even sweeten the deal, but they just want the issue dealt with. Your service department is missing out on higher spends by neglecting the convenience factor. Statistics have shown that customers who utilize an on-demand shuttle say yes to service work 50% more frequently.  

2 . Your service drive is jam-packed 

Rush hour hits your service department hard. On those days when every customer requests a loaner, your fleet is completely depleted, which delays other appointments your fleet can’t accommodate. On-demand shuttle alternatives even out your service drive traffic and eliminate bottlenecks and while stabilizing your appointment books.  

3 . Your operation costs are skyrocketing 

What does vehicle maintenance plus a driver’s salary equal? Your weekly headache. Statistics show that alternative shuttles slash operating costs by an average of 40%. Your dealership could save that much or more by changing up your shuttle business to offer a ride-sharing shuttle option.  

4 . You’re not taking advantage of roadside 

No one wakes up hoping to get into an accident. You can be that reassurance a customer needs when it does happen. Your dealership can save a customer on the side of road with a personalized message that tells them their ride home is taken care of. That simple service puts you miles ahead of any competition. 

5. Your customers crave more flexibility 

This is the age of instant everything. Customers expect businesses to operate at their pace, which means dealerships need to adjust how they serve their customers. An on-demand shuttle is one of the best ways to mold your business to the changing customer experience, with near-immediate access to easy and reliable transportation that makes a great impression on customers.  

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  • Average wait time – less than 5 minutes  
  • White labeled for your dealership  
  • Driver arrival and location tracking  
  • Custom surveys to capture immediate customer feedback  
  • DMS integration to track cost to each customer RO  
    Monthly plans, rather than transaction  

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