If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.
If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.


Innovative dealership solution enhancements at NADA 2023

Solera solutions help dealerships out sell, out service, and out perform the competition

Every year, the annual National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show attracts thousands of auto dealership employees to network, learn emerging industry trends, and find out about the latest technology that can help them streamline operations and improve their business.

Solera, the global leader in vehicle lifecycle management, will be in attendance  at NADA Show 2023 in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center from Jan. 26-29, demonstrating its industry-leading solutions that help dealerships drive sales, reach more customers, and improve profit margins.

Whether it’s marketing and sales, financing and titling, or service and repair, Solera’s  solutions help auto dealers:

  • Optimize every marketing dollar: Solera’s best-in-class omnichannel marketing platform and CRM help your dealership optimize investments across traditional and digital channels supporting both sales and service business objectives. New integrations give dealerships additional outbound marketing channels to better reach customers.
  • Connect with customers: Solera’s DealerSocket CRM is a comprehensive customer management solution that converts and retains customers through the sales and service lifecycle while increasing revenue per transaction. The industry-leading CRM does not only drive sales, but connects all your systems, simplifying and enriching the experience for your team and your customers too.
  • Maximize customer pay spend: MultiPoint Inspection is your total shop efficiency solution enabling you to optimize processes, link workflows across all fixed operations functions, and eliminate wasted time by enabling real-time communications visibility into operations.  
  • Stay on top of inventory: Inventory+ helps keep your inventory fresh by optimizing your vehicle mix, buying and selling vehicles at the right price, and trading with sister stores to stay aligned with sales trends at your dealership. Inventory+ provides car dealers data based on real-time insights to help them make faster, better decisions.
  • Boost profits: The combination of Inventory+ and CRM helps maximize your business outcomes and optimize your processes to better identify efficiencies and manage your inventory and incentive investments.
  • Elevate dealer websites: Now infused with DealerSocket’s data platform, DealerFire delivers fast, sleek websites that are easy to build with no coding required. Powered by DealerFire’s Engine6, these websites are fully responsive and are built to preform on mobile platforms, driving more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Solera’s dealership solutions streamline workflows, provide actionable insights, elevate customer experiences, and keep customers engaged with their dealerships. To find out more about how these solutions can accelerate your dealership’s success, visit Booth 3969 during the NADA show or schedule a demonstration.

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