If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.
If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.


NIADA survival guide

The NIADA Conference in Las Vegas is the biggest show of the year for dealers. The opportunities that come out of demos, sessions and networking can be majorly important for your business. We’ve already written about our picks for the top classes at this year’s NIADA. Now, we’re going to show you how to make the most out of your time at NIADA.  

We’ll discuss how to establish and stick to a mission for the show, how to network with the right people, and find new solutions for your business. We’ll also talk about how to make sure you have still have time for a little fun while your there, you’re in Vegas after all! 

Establishing Your Mission

A plan that isn’t well thought out and written down often goes right out the window as soon as it’s show time. Before the show, it’s important to establish a very clear mission and create a short game plan for your time at NIADA: 

  • Write down what’s a current challenge for your business 
  • Brainstorm some current opportunities you should take advantage of, and what you want to learn 
  • Pick out your classes ahead of time and jot down a few key questions you need answered from each of those classes 

Finding new Partners

NIADA is a great time to find new partners with solutions, tools, and software that can help your business. Spend some time thinking about aspects of your business that could be improved. Obtain a list of vendors and see which can help you improve those areas. Set time aside to make sure you connect with these vendors while you’re at the show and see if you can book meetings in advance. 


NIADA is a great time to connect with a business contact or customer, so identify your own VIPs and make them your first priority. Take every advantage to get valuable time with them and be prepared. What do you want to speak to them about? How can they help you, or how can you help them? Coming prepared with a list of objectives will maximize your time and ensure it’s not a wasted trip.  

Finding Time for Fun

Vegas is the land of opportunity in every sense of the word. This probably isn’t your first rodeo, but it never hurts to set objectives and maintain a schedule to balance fun and work. It’s a business trip above all else—your schedule should be devoted to mostly learning and networking. Make a list of what you want to see and experience and be purposeful in sticking to it.  

Your Keys to Success

Following these tips and planning in advance will lead to you having the most success, and fun, at NIADA. 

  • Define your mission and your plan to achieve it
  • Know your location well and map out how you plan to get around 
  • Stick to your schedule as much as possible
  • Find a balance between nightlife and work but don’t let it interfere with your goals

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